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Thank you to the sites who have worked with us to promote this campaign. Please visit our Supporters page for a list of supporting sites.    Also please take time to visit our message board to share your comments with other fans. A GREAT BIG THANKS to all the fans who have supported this campaign and made this a reality! We hope everyone enjoys the DVD's.


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    Frustrated when you can't find Moonlighting on your television schedule?
  • Tired of poorly edited chop shop versions of it when you do find it?
  • Wearing out your tapes of these horrific chop shop versions, watching them over and over again?
  • Frustrated that every other lousy two bit show in the history of television seems to have a fabulous DVD collection while Moonlighting's Pilot DVD looks pathetically lonesome on the rack?

Do you:

  • Want a beautiful print of each episode as it originally aired for your collection that will never wear out?
  • Want extra features to accompany your beautiful print, such as interviews, commentary and outtakes featuring the stars and creative minds behind the show?
  • Want to keep Moonlighting in the public consciousness by making it more available to consumers like you?
  • Want to help make all of this a reality?

Then don't just sit there wanting and waiting! Put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and get to writing, my friend! We can make this happen, and all it will take is just a few scant minutes of your time and the cost of a 37 cent stamp. Not bad, huh? In fact, it's so easy it's downright criminal!
David Addison, pen in hand, writing Lions Gate about the DVD's
Madolyn Hayes, pen in hand writing Lions Gate about the DVD's
If these two can find the time to write Lions Gate about “Moonlighting” DVD's, then so can you!!

Let Lions Gate know that you want more seasons on DVD. We have set up a message board for fans to talk about the DVD's and episodes. Please visit our message board and post.

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